David Justin Miller – Traits A Financial Job Seeker Must Have

David Justin Miller is currently studying for his Bachelor of Business Administration at Texas Christian University, majoring in Finance. He hopes to enter a career in the financial sector upon graduation, but he also understands that competition for job roles will be fierce. He believes that a candidate must have all of the following traits in order to be successful in their pursuit of a job in the sector.

David Justin Miller


A career in any area of finance will require you to be able to think on your feet and solve difficult problems. Financial advisors, for example, must be able to figure out the complexities of creating individual plans for their clients, while those working in the stock market must be able to come up with winning strategies. If you don’t have the capacity to solve problems, you may find that you struggle in the sector.

Strong Communication Skills

A financial jobseeker must be able to communicate in an effective manner in order to inspire confidence in the people that they speak to. This not only means being able to demonstrate mastery of their subject and the way that they speak, but also means being able to use a number of mediums to communicate as appropriate.

Technologically Adept

David Justin Miller understands the important role that technology plays in the world of finance, which is why he has obtained his Microsoft Specialist Master Certification. New technologies offer professionals an abundance of opportunities, so a jobseeker must be able to show they are comfortable using technology and able to adapt to new programs and systems.