David Justin Miller – Life Lessons You Learn While Playing Football

David Justin Miller was on the Varsity Football team while he was in high school and he credits this period of his life with teaching him many of the important lessons that he would need in order to succeed in college and during his early career. There are many life lessons that you can take away from the game of football, with the following being just a few of them.

David Justin Miller

The Importance of Teamwork

A football player who is only concerned about their own performance often acts to the detriment of the team and the same is true in the workplace. Playing football helps you to understand that every member of a team has an important role to play if an objective is to be reached and demonstrates the importance of performing that role to the best of your ability.

You Can Learn From Failure

Many young people consider failure to be a catastrophic problem from which there is no return. However, everybody who plays football is going to experience failure on some level at some point. The sport teaches you that this is just a part of life and, more importantly, demonstrates the importance of using the lessons that you have learned to improve.

Staying Disciplined

Being disciplined is crucial if you are going to succeed as a football player and this proves true in every other aspect of life as well. David Justin Miller points out that the motivational techniques he learned while playing the game have served him well in the years since his competitive playing days ended.