David Justin Miller – Tips For Staying on Your Wake Board

Wakeboarding is an extremely enjoyable activity that offers many of the thrills of surfing, without such a steep learning curve. However, David Justin Miller is quick to point out that there is still plenty of skill and technique required if you are going to be able to maintain your balance on the wakeboard, so continue all of the following when you take to the water.

David Justin Miller

Practice Your Stance

Your stance is pivotal if you are going to keep your balance, so you need to understand how you should be standing when on the board. One of the best ways to do this is to lie the board on a flat surface so that you can practice without having to worry about being thrown into the water. Once you have the technique down, you can start refining it by riding a few waves.

Learn To Counteract Your Weight

You need to stay vigilant at all times when on the board if you are going to maintain your balance, which means you need to learn how to counteract switches in weight distribution caused by the waves. Ideally, you will get to a point where you can anticipate and adjust for these switches in weight, allowing you to enjoy more time on the board.

Your Feet

The simplest rule to remember when wakeboarding is that your front foot is your “gas,” whereas the back acts like a “brake.” David Justin Miller recommends practicing to ensure each is in the correct position to be used as appropriate at all times.