David Justin Miller – Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A YouTube Channel

David Justin Miller has plenty of experience using YouTube to generate a profit, which he demonstrated during the four years he spent running the OurAdvice4You channel that created $5,000 per month in AdSense profit. There are a number of mistakes that many people make when trying to develop their own channels on the platform, with all of the below being blunders you should aim to avoid.

David Justin Miller

Don’t Keep Re-uploading Videos

It can be very disheartening to put your time and effort into creating a YouTube video, only to find that there is apparently little interest from the viewing public. This leads to many new channel owners repeatedly uploading the video in an effort to gain traction. Doing so will usually do little to boost viewing numbers and may turn off the people who are interested in your content.

Don’t Copy Others

Fresh content is vital if your channel is going to be a success and it only takes a few viewers to notice you copying somebody else’s style to leave your channel in ruins. Make use of your own unique personality in your videos and make sure that they offer something unique and worthwhile to the people who take time out of their days to watch them.

Don’t Forget Calls To Action

David Justin Miller would always prompt viewers to subscribe to his channel at the end of his videos. Failing to do so may lead to viewers becoming disengaged as soon as they have watched your video and it also prevents you from informing them when you have new content up.