David Justin Miller – Wakesurfing Tips You Can Use

David Justin Miller grew up near Lake Austin and enjoys a variety of watersports. He feels completely at home when he is near the water and enjoys boogey boarding, fly fishing, swimming, and several other things. David Justin Miller is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Texas Christian University and is expected to graduate in May 2017.

David Justin Miller

Wakesurfing has become one of the popular activities for many people. What started as a simple activity with a couple of people playing around with longboards behind their boat has become one of the popular watersport activity around the world. If you want to try wakesurfing, here are some tips you can use.

Boat – Always wakesurf behind an inboard boat. This is because the prop on inboard boats is normally about two feet in front of the rudder and this prevents you from falling too close to the prop while you are wakesurfing.

Rope – Make sure you use a wakesurf specific rope when wakesurfing. The ropes you use for wakesurfing are thicker than wakeboarding ropes (which are thin) and have a small T-Bar or handle attached to it. If you use a thick rope, you could end up having a bad case of rope burn.

Speed – Most people wakesurf at around 10mph, with the slowest being at 9mph and the fastest at 13mph. But the speed depends on the hull, the amount of ballast, and the length of the boat.

David Justin Miller enjoys any kind of watersport and is also an avid dirt bike rider.

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