David Justin Miller – Types of Business Degrees You Can Study

David Justin Miller is a student at Texas Christian University currently studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He is experienced in working on network equipment such as routers and switches having worked as a test engineer at Austin Tele-Services. He was mentored by a professional in the stock market industry and has experience investing in the market. David Justin Miller is studying finance and a minor in accounting.

David Justin Miller

A degree in business will help you fast-track your career and help you develop your leadership skills. Most business degrees include courses in finance, accounting, management, computer applications, and quantitative analysis among others. Here are a couple of options you might want to consider for a business degree.

Associate Degree in Business
If you are not yet ready to study for a bachelor’s degree in business administration or business, an associate degree might be ideal for you. It will provide you the foundation you need and will enhance your career options and provide you with applicable credits for a bachelor’s degree in the future.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business
A bachelor’s degree in business is the minimum requirement for most entry-level business careers. As a graduate, you can pursue a career in a variety of fields that include personnel resources, financial services, sales and marketing, economics, finance, etc.

Certificate Programs
Undergraduate certificate programs are ideal for those who are already working but need new expertise in a specific field. Certificate programs can be completed in around 16 semester hours of credit.

David Justin Miller completed a summer internship at RBC Wealth Management where he shadowed financial advisors and carried out client correspondence.

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David Justin Miller – How to Pack for International Travel

According to David Justin Miller, packing for an international trip is one that needs careful planning. With airlines enforcing strict regulations on how much weight each passenger can carry, it has become vital that you know what to pack and what to leave back home. David Justin Miller believes getting the right suitcase or travel bag is the first step in packing efficiently for your international travel.

David Justin Miller


If your suitcase or travel bag is over eight years old, you must seriously consider getting a new one. The new suitcases and travel bags are made of lighter plastic and fabrics that are more durable and easier to carry that the older ones. Most offer better packing space with several compartments for easier packing. Make sure the bag you choose for your international travel is strong enough and has good balance, or you will have trouble carting it around.


The clothes you pack for your trip will depend on the weather at your destination. A general would be to pack clothes that you can mix-and-match. Instead of folding clothes in your suitcase, you might want to roll them up to take up less space in your suitcase. You might want to pack your extra pair of shoes with socks and other small items so that you do not lose out on space. You might also want to take some washing soap to wash your clothes, or just use the hotel’s laundry service to get your clothes cleaned.

David Justin Miller recommends making a list of what you need to take before packing your suitcase.

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David Justin Miller – How To Stand Out As An Intern

As a Business Administration student who aims to build a career in finance, David Justin Miller understands just how important good internships can be during the early stages of a career. Performing well in an internship can lead to the creation of opportunities and business contacts that you can leverage when you are looking to advance, so try to do all of the below to ensure that you impress.

David Justin Miller

Don’t Question Tasks

Good interns understand that they have been brought into the fold to help with some of the less interesting aspects of the job that they are interested in. This means that they will often end up doing admin work while also learning whatever they can from the people shadowing them. Don’t complain about being given tasks that you find boring, as this reflects poorly on your work ethic.

Dress To Impress

There is no reason that you should not dress professionally when working as an intern, as you should be looking to demonstrate how readily you can fit into a new work environment. Make sure to understand how you are expected to present yourself during your internship and don’t become too casual with the way that you dress.

Ask For More Work

David Justin Miller aims to be proactive in everything that he does, which is a good quality for interns to have. If you have completed your work, make the effort to ask for more. There may not always be more work available, but by asking you demonstrate that you won’t get into the habit of becoming lazy should you end up being hired.


David Justin Miller – Qualities That A Good Hunter Needs

David Justin Miller is a student at Texas Christian University who enjoys going out on hunts every now and again. He is well-practiced and has developed all of the skills and personality traits that he needs in order to be an effective hunter. There are a number of qualities that those who participate in the activity need to possess in order to get better at it.

David Justin Miller


The actual hunt involves far more than taking a shot. You need to be capable of tracking the animal you are hunting, often for large periods of time. This requires a high degree of patience, as making a wrong move or attempting to take a shot at an inopportune moment can ruin the entire hunt and leave you in a position where you have to return home empty-handed.

A Willingness To Learn

No matter how much you think you know about hunting, there is always more for you to learn. Good hunters make the effort to listen to those who have more experience and are capable of soaking up this knowledge like sponges in order to improve. As with any activity that takes a high level of skill, an unwillingness to learn will stifle your development.

A Strong Stomach

David Justin Miller has been hunting for much of his adult life and understands that there are many people who do not enjoy the activity. A strong stomach is a definite requirement for any hunter, as they are engaging in an activity that many people find difficult.


David Justin Miller – Tips For Travelling in Africa

Africa is a beautiful continent that has plenty for tourists to see and do, but you need to be aware that the areas you visit will have their own cultures and will often present you with unfamiliar weather. David Justin Miller recommends fully preparing yourself before you head on a trip to Africa by considering all of the following pointers.


Remember That It Can Be Cold

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that every country in Africa is extremely warm, which leads to them failing to pack for colder conditions. However, snow and colder conditions are not rare on the continent, so you need to consider where you are going and what activities you aim to do while packing.

Get Your Vaccinations

There are a number of viruses and medical conditions that you may be exposed to on your trip, so it is important to consult a doctor so that you can get all of the relevant vaccinations. Make sure that you are protected against malaria, rabies and possibly yellow fever, depending on where you are going. Some countries on the continent will require you to have had a number of different shots, so make sure you are fully aware of what these are while making your plans.

Learn Some French

Many of the places you might chose to visit were former French colonies, so the language has become more widely-used than you may anticipate. David Justin Miller recommends taking a little time to learn some French phrases, just in case you encounter people who aren’t able to communicate in English.


David Justin Miller – Tips For Staying on Your Wake Board

Wakeboarding is an extremely enjoyable activity that offers many of the thrills of surfing, without such a steep learning curve. However, David Justin Miller is quick to point out that there is still plenty of skill and technique required if you are going to be able to maintain your balance on the wakeboard, so continue all of the following when you take to the water.

David Justin Miller

Practice Your Stance

Your stance is pivotal if you are going to keep your balance, so you need to understand how you should be standing when on the board. One of the best ways to do this is to lie the board on a flat surface so that you can practice without having to worry about being thrown into the water. Once you have the technique down, you can start refining it by riding a few waves.

Learn To Counteract Your Weight

You need to stay vigilant at all times when on the board if you are going to maintain your balance, which means you need to learn how to counteract switches in weight distribution caused by the waves. Ideally, you will get to a point where you can anticipate and adjust for these switches in weight, allowing you to enjoy more time on the board.

Your Feet

The simplest rule to remember when wakeboarding is that your front foot is your “gas,” whereas the back acts like a “brake.” David Justin Miller recommends practicing to ensure each is in the correct position to be used as appropriate at all times.


David Justin Miller – Life Lessons You Learn While Playing Football

David Justin Miller was on the Varsity Football team while he was in high school and he credits this period of his life with teaching him many of the important lessons that he would need in order to succeed in college and during his early career. There are many life lessons that you can take away from the game of football, with the following being just a few of them.

David Justin Miller

The Importance of Teamwork

A football player who is only concerned about their own performance often acts to the detriment of the team and the same is true in the workplace. Playing football helps you to understand that every member of a team has an important role to play if an objective is to be reached and demonstrates the importance of performing that role to the best of your ability.

You Can Learn From Failure

Many young people consider failure to be a catastrophic problem from which there is no return. However, everybody who plays football is going to experience failure on some level at some point. The sport teaches you that this is just a part of life and, more importantly, demonstrates the importance of using the lessons that you have learned to improve.

Staying Disciplined

Being disciplined is crucial if you are going to succeed as a football player and this proves true in every other aspect of life as well. David Justin Miller points out that the motivational techniques he learned while playing the game have served him well in the years since his competitive playing days ended.